• Course Duration:1 Week | 12 Hrs. (Correspondence and Offline both)
  • Level Type:OCQ43 – Level 3
  • Minumum Qualification:12th

Course Description:

  • Our Salon Management Training imparts all the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in a salon management role and operate a successful business.
  • The training teaches you how to build a strong team in addition to tracking the insight behaviors of clients and staff performance. 
  • The program provides practical training in various areas such as salon management, inventory management, marketing, crisis management, recruitment and staffing, business optimization, customer handling, and people management.
  • This course also provides knowledge about the relevant points you must keep in mind while hiring a staff member for full-time purposes.

Course Outcomes

  • After completing the salon management classes, you’ll possess the skills to effectively manage a salon, lead a team, provide salon services, recruit and train staff, market the salon, and attract new clients.
  • Our comprehensive curriculum prioritizes the business aspects of salon management, covering human resources, marketing, and finances. This provides you with a thorough learning experience that prepares you for the job.
  • Thus, Knuckout will award you with a Salon Management Certification.