• Course Duration:1 week or 12 hours
  • Level Type:Level 3
  • Minumum Qualification:Senior Secondary or Graduation in Arts/Physiology

Course Description:

  • The aesthetic training course covers various topics related to skincare and treatment including decontamination, sterilization, sanitization techniques as well as the proper steps for facial massage.
  • Students will learn about primary and secondary skin lesions, different skin disorders, and diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • The course also covers the preparation of treatment rooms, skin analysis, and an overview of electrology and the studio center machine.
  • Instructions on clean-up procedures for all skin types are also covered in the course.

Course Outcomes

The popularity of aesthetic treatments is rapidly increasing particularly due to celebrity endorsements apart from greater affordability and accessibility. Clients look everywhere for natural skincare solutions consuming less time and ultimately provide outstanding results.

By enrolling in this aesthetic training course, you will acquire the skills and knowledge to provide professional standard Facial skincare. Knowledge of Fundamental theories on health and safety, anatomy, and physiology will be imparted.

You will also learn how to combine these treatments effectively to create personalized packages that target specific concerns for individual clients. Learn to offer them as standalone facial skincare treatments.