• Course Duration:6 Days | 14 Hours
  • Level Type:OCQ59 – Level 3

Air Brush Makeup Course Description:

The air brush makeup course curriculum includes the following topics:

  • Overview of Health and safety practices.
  • Introduction and historical background of airbrushing.
  • Client consultation and preparatory procedures.
  • In-depth knowledge of equipment, products, compressor types, and airbrushes.
  • Cleaning and maintenance techniques.
  • Freehand and stencil airbrushing methods.
  • Application of makeup using an airbrush, including bases, lips, contour, shadow, blusher, brows, and highlighting.
  • Stenciling, tattoos, and body art.
  • Confidence in color, blending, and layering techniques.
  • Corrective techniques.
  • Creating a diverse range of makeup looks including day, bridal, classic and creative makeup with the addition of textures and accessories.
  • Tips for airbrushing in a professional makeup business.

Air Brush Make Up Courses Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, candidates will receive a certificate of completion that will demonstrate your proficiency in airbrushing techniques and professional makeup artistry. Ultimately, become a master of freehand and stencil airbrushing techniques to produce flawless and efficient makeup looks.